• Lunch combo with rice $8 or $10  (Tax included)
  • Add 99 ¢ for one soft drink
  • If you order 5 or more combos at one time, all drinks are FREE

Our Lunch Menu



Authentic Asian Food


From Monday to Friday, we offer: 

$8 Selections: (Lunch and Dinner. Anytime before 12pm/6pm)


A1. 台湾卤肉饭 (面)

      Taiwan Style Braised Pork with Rice or with Noodle

A2. 台湾控肉饭 (面)

      Taiwan Style Stir-fried Boiled Pork Slices with Rice or with Noodle

A3. 蒜香猪排饭 (面)

      Garlic Pork Chop with Rice or with Noodle

A4. 红烧猪肉饭

      Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce with Rice

A5. 红烧狮子头饭 (汤面)

      Stewed Pork Ball in Brown Sauce with Rice or with Noodle and Soup

A6. 香菇肉燥面

      Taiwan Style Braised Pork and Mushrooms with Noodle


A7.   三杯鸡饭

        Chicken with Ginger and Wine in Casserole with Rice

A8.   鸡排饭

        Chicken Chop with Rice

A9.   鸡排面

        Chicken Chop with Noodle

A10. 红烧鸡腿饭 (面)

        Stewed Chicken Legs in Brown Sauce with Rice or with Noodle


A11. 糟香鱼片饭 (面)

        Wine Braised Fish Chop with Rice or with Noodle


A12. 红烧牛肉饭 (汤面)

        Stewed Beef in Brown Sauce with Rice or with Noodle and Soup

A13. 清汤牛肉面

        Traditional Style Beef with Noodle and Soup

A14. 麻辣牛肉面

        Spicy Stewed Beef with Noodle and Soup


A15. 芝麻酱拌面

        Cold Noodle with Sesame paste


$10 Selections:  (Lunch Only. Anytime before 11:15am)



P1.  红烧狮子头+素炒上海青  

       Stewed Pork Ball in Brown Sauce + Stir-Fried Shanghai Cabbage        

P2.  秘制红烧肉+素炒上海青

       Braised Pork + Stir-Fried Shanghai Cabbage 

P3. 鱼香肉丝(大份)

       Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork (Stir-Fried with Spicy Garlic Sauce)

P4. 青椒肉丝(大份)

       Stir-Fried Shredded Pork with Green Pepper

P5.  尖椒大肠(大份)

       Fried Pork Intestines with Hot Pepper        

P6. 麻辣猪耳/猪肚(冷吃)+青椒土豆丝

      Shredded Pig Ear/Tripe in Chili Sauce + Sautéed Shredded Potato with Green Pepper




C1. 土豆烧鸡块(大份)

      Stewed Chicken and Potato in Sauce 

C2. 宫保鸡丁(大份)      

      Kung Pao Chicken           

C3. 辣子鸡块+青椒土豆丝  

      Stir-Fried Chicken with Green Pepper + Stir-Fried Shredded

C4. 糖醋鸡里脊+爆炒青椒

      General Tso's Chicken + Stir-Fried Green Pepper  




B1. 葱爆牛柳(大份)

      Stir-Fried Beef with Scallion

B2. 西芹牛柳(大份)

      Stir-Fried Shredded Beef with Onion, Celery, and Mushroom Potato with Green Pepper         




F1. 香辣鱼+爆炒青椒

      Stir-Fried Sliced Fish with Spicy Sauce + Stir-Fried Green Pepper





      Mapo Tofu (Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce)  + Stir-Fried Cucumber